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All a wife dreams is to have a happy married life. It does not matter that it is a love marriage or arrange marriage. Every single wife in the world has some expectation from her husband. She has some dreams that she has seen ever since she was a little girl. His love, his attention and care, every wife deserves it. All wives want their husband to be loving and loyal to them. But what will happen if your husband is not giving you the attention and love you deserve? Then you need miya biwi me mohabbat badane ka wazifa. 

Romance in Love Marriage

When a woman marries the man of her dreams it is her biggest dream come true. Love is in the air and everything is about romance.  Waking up to his handsome face every day, making breakfast for him, wait eagerly for him to return and have an amazing evening and end it with a beautiful candle light dinner.

After all that love all of a sudden his attitude starts to change. He starts to come home late, he stops spending the evening with you and stops paying that much attention to you. What changes all these things in your life?

The biggest problem is when you do not even know what has gone wrong? It is just the situation. What if some other woman is trying to achieve your husband’s attention? You have to stop that from happening. All you need is miya biwi mei mohabbat ki dua.

Romance in Arrange Marriage

After an arrange marriage a woman walks into a new household. With some desires she expects her husband to show her love and support in this new environment. A new relationship is starting not only with the husband but with your in laws too. So at this phase every wife expects her husband to break the ice in between them and help her in making new bonds.

But what if your husband is the one who is not interested in you? He is not showing youthe love you desire and the love you are showing him. Love you and pays any attention to you. What will happen to your dream of happy married life? You have to live a long life with this person. You need to get your husband’s attention so that he will only love you. Here only miya biwi mei mohabbat paida karne ka wazifa can help you.

Here’s a powerful dua to re kindle romance in your life:

Durood-e-Paak Shuru Aur

Ya Wadoodu”

Ko Padhkar Dam Karen Aur Dono Ko Pilaya Jaye

How can we help?

We want you to be feel happy in your life with your husband and win your husband’ s over. Our medium will provide you with such strong wazifa that your husband’s attention will only be yours. His entire life he will only listen to you and care for your every need. He will keep you happy and will always be yours. As long as he is wearing the taweez that our mediums will make for you he will happily be in your arms. So come to us for a long happy married life.

Updated: August 11, 2018 — 6:54 am

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